Gallery Art

Support Local Gallery Art And Unique Perspectives in Boston

Viewing gallery art is always a great way to support the local art scene. You’ll often get precious insight into blooming or forgotten art movements, teeming with creativity and visual interest. Many artists are also available for commissions so you can bring original artwork into your home. Gallery 67, now displaying the works of oil painter Matthias Lupri, is no exception.

Gallery 67 artist Oil Painter Matthias Lupri has been working within the arts all his life in various aspects. His goal is to integrate painting, music, film, photography, and narrative cohesively, while drawing from life, dreams, symbols, myth, philosophy and psychology.


Lupri grew up in the wilds of Alberta, Canada with a wonderstruck fascination of nature, flight, arts, and mythical dreams. After years of studying music, releasing six CD’s of original music and touring internationally, he discovered the parallel symbiosis of painting to music, and started quickly a new direction. After many years now as a palette knife oil painter, Matthias has been steadily creating art gallery paintings, now on display and available for your consideration.